Dura-Craft Kits leave something
to be desired!!

Here are some scans of the wood from Dura-Craft Inc's various kits.

As I had posted earlier on rec.crafts.dollhouses the quality is really lacking.

I had purchased 2 of their log cabin kits, with the REASONABLE expectation that I could combine the parts of both kits, and end up with one perfect house, and one less than perfect 'trial' house. I do this with many kits from all sources -- especially plastic ones. It's a bit more expensive, but for truly desirable kits, it cuts the amount of work that I have to do in making all the edges meet, and gives me one kit to quickly build to learn from. Not so with Dura-Craft!!! I could not put together a complete 'acceptable' quality kit from TWO combined. Check out this sample of wood. Click the image to see a larger version.

Notice the paper embedded in the jointing. Notice the knot holes and finger jointing. What about that funny shaped piece? Sort of curved and chewed up. That is supposed to be a wall segment. The next piece has a sap vein gap in it. The next one shows the effect of finger jointing - two different colored woods that look SOOOO natural! And the last little segment shows what finger jointing look like -- and no, I didn't turn it, that is the EXPOSED face of each piece.

This is for a model that is shown on the cover as clear varnished. There is NO WAY that this could be built that way. This is a small segment showing the variety of defects. The finger jointing is really unacceptable!!

Anyway, I thought I'd show it off.

I have another page on the way, showing some of the lovely "finish grade" plywood that is used on the Cambridge model I feel suckered in having purchased --> BUT it was SUCH a good price :(.

As I was saying, this is not an uncommon problem with their kits. As you can see by the shadows, this is on what is considered a "DECORATIVE" part. Yes, it's the 'wrong' side, but it still shows.

Part of the difference between Greenleaf and Dura-Craft and higher quality kits such as Real Good Toys, is the use of finish grade wood for trims and finish. If you have a chance to check them out side by side in the stores, you'll IMMEDIATELY see the difference.

I'll have more links off this page explaining and showing more in the near future..

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